Well its been an exciting week so far. At my place, we got 21″ this weekend with an additional 4″ last night and its still snowing. Atleast I only lost 3 pine trees, 2 trees in the front of my house and the shrubs along the side of my driveway. I think I’ve shoveled more snow this week then I have all together to this day. I remember back when I was a kid. Having this much snow was awesome… well it still is but now i have to deal with the crappy city drivers. I mean on Monday there was a guy in a little Hyundai taking the alley behind my work (going the wrong way on a one-way street) which easily had a foot of snow on it. He made it about 5 foot and got stuck. Then needed help from 4 guys to push him out. Really, where is the common sense anymore. Oh look the snow is higher then my hood, I can make that with no problem *sigh*

Anyway back to shoveling… my grams driveway was the worst.

I landed up shoveling snow from 7:30AM to about 3PM on Saturday.

What my deck looked like Saturday morning when I woke up

The somewhat pretty view from the front window

The roads in Pittsburgh are pretty crappy too. I can’t imagine how bad that would be today.

Ofcourse I had to try to climb the snow piles at work..

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