It’s one of those days…

For some unknown reason things are really irritating me today. From big jeeps that I can’t park to people talking about the freakin’ groundhog…it’s been an interesting and irritating morning.

Jeremy (love you, hun) needed my car today, so I had to drive the jeep. Which isn’t that big of a deal, however, I have learned one thing. Short people shouldn’t drive lifted jeeps. One, I can barely see over the steering wheel….even with the seat elevated to as high as I can take it up. Two, I swear to god, it’s as wide as a damn mack truck! It took me four (yes, four!) tries to get it into a parking space at work. Everyone got a kick outta that, but in the end, I didn’t hit anything, and I, for the most part, am in the space straight. (Aren’t you proud, hun?)

I come into the building, and everyone is like walking on eggshells around me. Yes, my niece just passed away, but I’m coping. No need to treat me like I have a disease, especially since it’s not my first day back to work. Finally, a coworker pulls me aside and asks if I’m ok to go back to my office. I look at her like she’s nuts, and say, yeah, I’m fine. She said well, I just want to warn you, I decorated the office for Ben (his son was born last week). Now I know she’s nuts, because I was here when she decorated the damn thing. She even asked me permission on Friday. Seriously, can you not remember that, I mean, considering you made such a big deal out of it, I would think you could.

After getting into my office, I decided to finally get back to everyone that left voicemails on my work phone. So…I start playing back the messages. Out of thirteen message, eleven were hang ups. I was pretty grateful for that, however, if you knew our phone system, you would be irritated too. Hearing that cheery “if you’d like to save this message press 1, to forward press 2, to delete press 3…..” It’s amazing that there are sooooo many options just for a freakin’ voicemail! I just wanted to delete them, and each time, I had to listen to the entire list of my options because the phone is dumb. But hey, technology is awesome isn’t it? BAH!

Last but not least, apparently because I’m a child care director, I’m suppose to care about Groundhog’s Day? I have had three (not one, not two, but THREE!) people ask me what my prediction is, and about how much I love Groundhog’s Day! Seriously, the one went on for like ten minutes about how cute the groundhog is, and how she couldn’t wait to see him on tv. I told her she should just drive to Punxsutawney any time during the year, and she can see him at the library. She ignored my comment (and the fact that I didn’t stop doing my work to pay attention to her talking) and kept going on about Mr. Phil! I couldn’t take it anymore, so I looked at her, smiled and said, the stupid groundhog is just an overgrown rat with a hairy tail that I’d like to run over with my car.

She turned around and walked away. Mission accomplished, now lets hope that people leave me alone for awhile! :-P

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