New Computer at Work

So today I decided that the new faster E6500 would replace my D830 instead of setting it up for another employee. It was like Christmas, I installed Windows and copied my profile over to the new machine. Everything that I did to make it one step closer to being finished made me more excited. I cleaned my desk and ran the wires nicely to my new docking station, I was thrilled to have a new laptop.  That was until I plugged it in and actually went to use it. This computer reminds me of Windows 3.1 on a computer that didn’t have enough memory. Every time you go to move the mouse its like playing a game… is it possible to get this jumpy mouse pointer across the screen before smashing something on my desk out of anger. Who would every think that a 2.66 GHZ processor and 3.5 GB of RAM would be so slow… Oh yea and where the hell is the serial port?!?! Really… first it was the floppy drive that they removed, now the serial port.. but hey it has 7 USB ports on it!!

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